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Josh McCown Played Almost the Entire Game Sunday with a Torn Hamstring

Josh McCown hates porn. Fact

Josh McCown gives daps so clean that he should be a leading candidate for a head coaching job? (According to Dan Orlovsky) Fact 

With Foles gone, Josh McCown assumes the roll of having the biggest piece in Philadelphia. Fiction that roll belongs to James Ennis III

But nonetheless, Josh McCown really showed some balls for finishing that game Sunday. I have no idea what tearing your hamstring off your bone could feel like but I imagine it's gotta be pretty fucking painful. And for McCown, to come in and throw for a 75% completion rate and a 94.8 QB rating on one leg is pretty impressive. That is the type of shit that will make you beloved in Philly forever. He did everything that was asked of him, and who knows, if Miles Sanders catches that ball on 4th and 4, he may have been on his way to completing one the more improbable Eagles playoff comebacks in my lifetime. Still not over that drop.

But anyways, Kudos to you Josh. Philly wont forget that performance.

Also, I would have loved to have seen what Douggie had lined up for my man Greg Ward if McCown couldn't have gone.