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Halsey Is The Baddest Chick On Planet Earth

There have been a million opportunities to write this blog about Halsey but I’m taking it now: she’s THE baddest woman alive. For a while now when you’re just hanging out at the bar and just making conversation someone will ask who’s the hottest girl alive (you know, guys being dudes), I never know what to say. Ratakowski is my only relevant guess and that’s a simpleton answer so then I turn into an old asshole and say things like Alba or whatever. Well the answer is Halsey.

It makes sense, seeing as back in the day I was in love with P!nk so clearly my type is girls covered in tattoos who would think I’m a pussy. But Halsey is an absolute monster. She’s never made a bad song in her life, I swear she’s got the highest batting average in music history, she writes all her own songs, and she’s a weapon. If I wasn’t past puberty, which is still up for debate seeing as I have like no hair on my whole body, this video would be right up there with Durrty and Slave 4 U.

I mean do you know how hot you have to be to sing a song about hating someone’s guts and I’m still sitting here fantasizing that it’s about me? Well, maybe that just heightens it for me personally but whatever. The song slaps and so does Halsey. Hard, I bet.

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