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This Just In: Pat Sajak's Daughter Is A Smokeeeeeee

Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 11.57.07 AM

Yesterday I flipped on Wheel of Fortune and was quite confused by what I heard. I was looking down at my laptop, reading about the secret lives of billionaires as that is my new obsession, and I heard a lady’s voice as the host. Now, that wasn’t the shocking part. We knew Vanna was filling in for Pat as host while he was out sick. So what shocked me was when I looked up at the TV to see who they had turning the letters on the board. I didn’t know if I should expect a celebrity fill-in, another game show host, or possibly even a sickly Pat Sajak himself. But I saw none of the above. What I did see though a missile we could take down Iran with. And after a quick Google search I learned she’s no other than Pat Sajak’s daughter?! My heavens!


I will say though, this is quite unfair to Vanna. She is out there stunting in her own right, looking good as hell at a young 62 years old, and now ol’ Maggie the new kid on the block is turning letters and cracking necks with authority.

Will this be a Wally Pipp job from the clouds? Or will Pat come back, Vanna move back to the board, and Maggie return to the bench? Only time will tell. Would be an all time Game of Thrones-esque move if the Sajak family boots Vanna after 38 years on the job. They look so friendly here but….