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Wake Up With The Patriot (FULL MOVIE)

*Steven Seagal version

Steven Seagal is one bad mamma jamma. People forget that he's actually a sworn member of local law enforcement and that his hands are actually registered deadly weapons. Look at him just mercilessly destroy these pretenders in his dojo circa 1979

That shit right there is called Real Life and I'd ask you show some respect to Steven in the process if for no other reason than this awesome scene from Under Siege (kinda NSFW even though the titties are blocked out) 

I remember watching Under Siege a lot as a small kid and that's when this turns into a different blog. For now, get your Friday weekend started right with some bad ass American cinema. Just try not to nunchuck any of your coworkers at lunch. It's real easy to get carried away when you go deep on Seagal.