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Tim Tebow, Who Stinks At Baseball, Gets 4th Straight MLB Spring Training Invite


Tim Tebow will be at spring training with the New York Mets for the fourth straight year.

The Mets said Thursday the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner will report to major league training camp next month in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

I’m sorry if this comes off as uncouth or if it’s mistaken as a #SonsOfUribe hit piece, because it’s not.  White Sox fans and Mets fans ride together/die together as the little brother Napoleon midgets in our respective cities. I love Mets fans unconditionally and never in a million years would I say anything to berate a Mets fan’s mediocre name.  That’s a vow and a vow I will take to the grave with me.

What I will do, however, is compose a perennial hit piece on Mets’ upper management and ownership until Tim Tebow is no longer getting his phony ass big league spring training invites.  It’s an embarrassment, just infuriates me as a baseball fan.

There is obviously a ton of embellishment and satire in just about any Barstool blog.  This…. this ain’t one of those blogs, and it boils down to this: Tim Tebow should NOT still be getting professional at bats for the Mets or for any other MLB organization.  It drives me bat shit crazy that he is, and one could make an excellent argument that he shouldn’t ever have been tendered a contract in the first place.


It really does piss me off.  You got one of those airline barf bags handy?  Because you’ll need one in a moment.  Here are Tebow’s 2019 numbers for AAA Syracuse:

77 games, 239 ABs, 39 hits, 4 HRs, 98 Ks, 38% K rate, .163/.240/.255 slash line with a .495 OPS


It makes me sick to my stomach.  There are about 750 players that compose AAA lineups at any given time; thirty 25 man roster teams.  If any one of those players other than Tim Tebow put up those numbers, you know what would happen?

Except it wouldn’t be a joke.  It’d be real and he’d be working construction for his old man’s landscaping company for the rest of summer.  Not for Timmy though.  He’ll keep getting shot after shot after shot and will probably hold a retirement press conference on his own terms.  Disgusting.

Look, I get that Tebow is kind of a folk hero.  He is one of the best college football players ever and most people like him.  I don’t, because I hate that people think he was any good as an NFL QB, that he ever would be a good NFL QB and hate that the Mets were suckered in by his celebrity and gave him a side show contract.  Just kinda bugs me that he’s deified.  That, and if I’m someone who dedicated my entire life to the game only to get at bats and other opportunities taken away from me by Tebow, I’d be fucking irate.

It’s a goddamn joke that this is his 4th year getting in a row getting a big league camp invite.  There’s not a doubt in my mind Paul Lo Duca’s old ass would have doubled Tebow’s 2019 output in AAA.  Should go sign him again.

~ End rant ~