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The Duties and Responsibilities of Being PLL Owners: A Check-In with Paul Rabil

Just last week, the Waterdogs were introduced to the world. Now that Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter, owners of the Premier Lacrosse League's newest squad, have their colors, team name, and coaching staff, it's time to move forward as we get ready for opening weekend in May. Recurring guest and PLL commissioner/owner Paul Rabil joined today's show to fill in the Waterdog owners with some important information as the offseason approaches its final few months.

PLL Expansion Draft (Tuesday, February 4th, Stamford, CT)

Paul Rabil: That's where the owners really get involved, because you actually don't have players yet, as you're aware.

Mr. Cat: Are you protected?

Paul Rabil: We haven't announced yet, but this was actually jumping ahead into our rules around tampering, which is illegal, but tampering happens.

Mr. Commenter: OK, is Hank an owner, or is it just us? Because we can just have Hank tamper for us. Hank, can you ask Paul if he is protected or not?

Hank: Paul, are you protected or not?

Paul Rabil: We haven't released yet, I hope I'm protected. But we can still trade.

Waterdogs Mascot

Mr. Commenter: Does the Waterdog mascot, the logo, does that dog have a name? We should name it. What if we call it StellaLeroy?

Mr. Cat: No, we can't do that. That's narcissistic. We gotta do something with lacrosse.

Paul Rabil: And now that you guys are owners, this is completely your call.

Mr. Cat: Maybe we just name the dog Brad. Or Chad. Or Chaz.

Paul Rabil: Let's get all the Brad's and Chad's out of our system.

Jersey Release/Potential Stadium Location

Paul Rabil: There's a jersey release, so we have a helmet here. We brought a bunch of Waterdog swag for the office.

Mr. Cat. OK, we will sell that.

Paul Rabil: You can sell it or you can wear it.

Mr. Cat: I mean, I'm trying to make money here. I'd like to do a census, some type of study to figure out what where we could build a stadium exclusively with the tax payers money. I don't want to pay anything for my new stadium. Let's do a research study, we'll build the players for that and figure out what location in America where the voters are dumb enough that they'll just give us a lacrosse stadium.

Paul Rabil: And then who would you go after for the naming rights to that stadium?

Mr. Commenter: Probably Dave & Buster's. It'll just be a giant Dave & Buster's with a field on it.

Mr. Cat: You know, we should double dip. We should just call it the Pardon My Take Stadium and then the rest of the owners have to pay us.

Paul Rabil: So, the jersey release is in collaboration with Adidas. And I've already told the folks in Portland that you guys are gonna be helping design those jerseys. You don't have to go to Portland, but you can give some influence there and then we'll release those sometime in March.


Television Broadcasts

Paul Rabil: The television broadcast schedule comes out in March or April. So right after, we'll determine how many Dogs games are on TV.

Mr. Cat: OK, how do we get Jake Marsh, our intern/announcer who announces Vermont Basketball (radio) ...

Hank: And used to do Syracuse Lacrosse!

Mr. Cat: ... How do we get him on a broadcast? That's non-negotiable.

Paul Rabil: We can have that conversation.

Mr. Cat: Well, no, we're having it.

Paul Rabil: We're having it now?

Mr. Cat: This is non-negotiable. I don't think you understand this.

Paul Rabil: Well, we'd figure out the Waterdogs television schedule.

Mr. Cat: We just need him to do play-by-play for one game. That's where we'll start. Give the other guy a break.

It would be an absolute honor to call a game during the inaugural season of the Waterdogs. And make no mistake about it, I do have plenty of experience calling lacrosse:

As for the rest of Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter's duties as owners, it was nice of Mr. Rabil to come in and be transparent with the leaders of the Waterdogs. I think we can put the Clown Rabil t-shirts on hold for now. I know Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter are eagerly awaiting the first ever Waterdog roster to be formed in less than a month, and these 25 gentlemen will have the privilege to don the Waterdog purple and begin a brand new tradition in the PLL. Not to mention these unreal gloves, too:

Stay tuned for more Waterdog-related content as we get ready for what should be an awesome season of lacrosse this summer.





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