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I Think Jake Owen Just Wrote The First Ever Bachelorette Diss Track About Hannah Brown



That was FIRE. Listen I could be wrong, and I know he said the song could be about anyone, but I’m pretty sure Jake Owen just wrote the first diss track in the history of The Bachelorette about Hannah Brown. He said it wasn’t about Hannah Brown from The Bachelorette but there were some lines in there that might lead one to believe that it was very much about Hannah Brown from The Bachelorette. Again, Jake said it could be about anyone so I’ll take him at his word because in all of our interactions I’ve found him to be a very honest and trustworthy person.

But BUT just for fun let’s say the song was about Hannah Brown from the The Bachelorette (which it wasn’t, according to the writer and performer of the song, Jake Owen), he spoke for a lot of people who didn’t appreciate Hannah showing up not once but TWICE during the premiere of Pete’s season of The Bachelor on Monday. The first appearance was great because it was just nice to see a familiar face on a night with a lot of unfamiliar faces. The second time, though? Talking in very vivid details about the windmill sex? Too much for some. It’s time to move on, Hannah (or whoever). You heard what the great Jake Owen said, you’re a beauty queen and a dancing star so you’re gonna be just fine.

PS- Eat your heart out, Jed. That’s what a real country star looks like.