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50 Cent Gave The Jeopardy GOATs Some Really Strong Advice

What. A. Picture. One of those things you never thought you’d see but there it is, 4 GOATs all in one picture.  If you had asked 2004 Trent if I thought 50 Cent would be relevant (and alive) in 2020 and taking a picture with the three greatest Jeopardy players I would’ve been super confused because I only started watching Jeopardy a couple years ago. Not to mention I would’ve sopped you at “alive” because there were some times when it was not looking good for the G-Unit general. But I’m really happy to be living in a dimension where 50 Cent is alive, happy and thriving.

By the way, why did Ken Jennings say, “That’s…..actually pretty good advice” like he didn’t think 50 Cent was going to give good advice? As the president of the 50 Cent fan club I took serious offense to that. Ken Jennings should consider himself lucky that he got even a shred of advice from the great and powerful Curtis Jackson. Ken Jennings hasn’t accomplished shit compared to 50 Cent. To date, Jennings has won 2.5 million dollars playing Jeopardy, meanwhile 50 Cent has made hundreds of millions of dollars playing a little game we like to call life. Getting life advice from 50 Cent is like getting a stock tip from Warren Buffett. Shut up and listen, Ken.