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Prince William And Prince Charles Are Reportedly 'Incandescent With Rage" Which Is A Fancy Way To Say They're Really Mad At Harry And Meghan

Page Six- Prince Charles and Prince William were “incandescent with rage” and the Queen “deeply upset” at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s shocking announcement that they plan to quit the royal family — which Harry’s father and brother only found out about from watching the TV news, according to reports. “This is a declaration of war on the family,” a senior source told the Sun of Wednesday’s historic “Megxit” announcement by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. “Their statement was not cleared with anyone. It breaks all protocol. “There is fury over how they’ve done this without any thought for the implications for the institution. The Queen is deeply upset. The Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge are incandescent with rage.” The source claimed that “Harry and Meghan wanted it their way or the highway.”

OH SHIT!!!!!

Things are getting really serious around here. Incandescent with rage! I had to look that word up, that’s how serious things have gotten. What an asshole way to say Prince William and Prince Charles are super mad at Prince Harry and Meghan Markel by the way. Incandescent? Get the fuck outta here. Just talk like normal people. This is one of the many reason why I hate the Royal Family and you should too.

As everyone knows by now, yesterday Prince Harry and Meghan Markle straight up quit the Royal Family. They’re outta there. They don’t want to be part of whatever the hell goes on with the Royal Family anymore. A big part of their stance is that they don’t want to take public money anymore to fund their lives which is something I couldn’t agree more with. It’s CRAZY that the Royal Family is allowed to use public money to fund their lavish lifestyle. How the hell is that allowed? More importantly, how do the people of the UK put up with that? The Royal Family does nothing except tell everyone they’re royalty and therefore they need to take public money to live. I mean what the hell are they talking about? It’s insane that the Royal Family is still a thing in 2020.

Imagine if something like the Royal Family was happening in the United States of America. Imagine that for two seconds and try not to become engulfed with rage, I bet you can’t. There would be full on riots every time money was pulled outta hard working people’s paychecks and sent to a bunch of hoighty toighty fucks playing dress up in a palace. We’d rise up and burn that castle down within a matter of hours. For some reason the people in the UK gladly hand over their money to a bunch of unimportant idiots pretending to be important. Fuuuuuuuck that.

But yeah, long story short, Prince William and Prince Charles are very mad apparently.