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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Popular Ex-Sheriff Who Was Arrested For Selling Heorin In Order To Have Sex With Younger Dudes?

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 2.16.20 PM


Daily Mail- A judge on Thursday sentenced a former Colorado sheriff to 15 months in prison for repeatedly violating his probation in a meth-for-sex case, saying the lawman, who was once regarded as a hero, had exhausted his opportunities to reform. Patrick Sullivan was sentenced two years after pleading guilty to plying young men with methamphetamine in exchange for sexual favors. The 71-year-old was once named the nation’s top sheriff and won praise for his leadership of the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Department in the Denver suburbs. ‘I have a drug problem, and I have had a drug problem for some time,’ Sullivan said in court on Thursday, apologizing before Judge William Sylvester issued his sentence. ‘I have only myself to blame.’

Whoops!  Classic situation here.  You do something for so long that you eventually get tired of it and in turn become the thing you most hated about the world.  A beloved sheriff turning into a heroin-selling sex machine might be the most extreme case of it.  Especially when you factor in that the guy is 71 years old.  What’s that line from Dark Knight/Jay-Z song?  You either die and be a hero or live ing enough to see yourself become the villain?  Or in this case I guess it’d be “Die and be a hero or live long enough to see yourself start selling heroin to have sex with younger guys.”  Tomato, to-ma-to really.  This ex-sheriff spent his whole adult career busting drug dealers over and over again and putting them behind bars.  All the while that mischvieous tumor grew in the back of his psyche saying, “That actually looks kind of fun.  Too bad I’m a sheriff and I’d get in trouble.” And then what happens when he retires?  He gets bored as fuck as retired people always do and wants to go on an adventure.  What better adventure than the one he saw play out in front of him a million times but was forbidden to do?  I kinda feel bad for the guy.  If he had just had a heart attack or gotten shot on the job he’d have gone down a hero in the minds of everyone.  Now he’s an outcast ex-sheriff that liked to have sell heroin and have sex with young guys who every body hates.  Bummer.