'Anyone Crazy Enough To Fuck With Me, Is Crazy Enough To Play With Me' - Kobe's Reasoning For Wanting Matt Barnes To Be A Laker After The Infamous Ball Fake Play

Yep, all of this checks out. Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson host the 'All The Smoke' podcast over at Showtime and had Kobe on this week. It's definitely worth checking out, but this is my only takeaway because it's one of the most infamous plays in recent NBA history. Thanks to the wonderful world of gifs and the Internet, we all remember this: 

You know what this really does though? Confirm that everyone who said this was fake is a GODDAMN MORON. 

This is it. This confirms that the ball fake is real, damnit. Kobe wouldn't think Matt Barnes is a crazy person if it wasn't real. He wouldn't have made the call and said come be a Laker because you got a couple screws loose and that means you can play with me. I'm just glad we can put this to rest because I fucking hated every single person who tried to say he was off to the left so it wasn't real. The ball fake is a lie. Those people suck and now they are wrong even more. 

And you know what? Those two crazy people played 2 years together. I'm just glad this put down the well, actually people whenever you use the ball fake gif now.