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Phil Mickelson Once Tried To Call In A Helicopter While Stuck In Traffic After A Guns N' Roses Concert

Phil Mickelson’s life is a movie man. In fact, they need to make a movie about Phil Mickelson’s life because every story he tells is better than the last. Gambling stories on top of gambling stories on top of stories about going head to head against Tiger Woods in his prime on top of stories about trying to call in a helicopter while stuck in traffic after a Guns N’ Roses concert. It would be a riveting tale of a golf super star. And sure, a movie about Tiger would be awesome for obvious reasons but a movie about Phil would be equally as entertaining in my opinion. Not to mention the title of the blog was already long so I didn’t put in the part where he met his future wife the morning after getting back from the concert. A casual toss in there from Lefty.

I will say, the story would’ve been a little better if the helicopter had picked him up after he made the call. Maybe they can make that happen in the Phil Mickelson movie. Punch up the story a bit by actually having a helicopter pick him up in the middle of a traffic jam. And maybe have Guns N Roses be in the helicopter when it picks him up and that’s why his furutre wife Amy notices him, because he’s hanging out with Guns N Roses. Ya know, just things like that to make the Phil Mickelson movie even better.