Reader Email - My Buddy Who Was Dressed As Dog Hit A Hole In One To Win A Car in Tournament At Presidents Golf Course In Quincy..Only Problem Is They Won't Give Him the Car Now on A Technicality



Reader Email

My buddy got a hole in one yesterday dressed in this costume (head was off). It was at a friend’s memorial tournament at Presidents Golf Course in Quincy. Quirk Ford had a 2014 fully loaded Ford Fusion on display and this sign at the hole. They are now trying to weasel out of giving him the car, even though Quirks representative (guy on phone in background) witnessed the whole thing. The reason is because it was supposed to be a 185 yard pin placement and was only 160. Here is a pic

So in typical Barstool fashion I haven’t done a lick of research to confirm this story. But I will say I had like 5 people email it to me and it seems like a weird story to make up so I’m going to assume this is true. And if it is true then Quirk has to give this dude the car. They just have to. It doesn’t matter if the tee placement was 160 yards as opposed to 185 yards That doesn’t make any difference when getting a hole in one. Bottomline is if you play in a charity tournament and get a hole in one on a car hole you win the car period. Everything else is just semantics. Quirk is good people. I’m sure they’ll figure it out. But dog guy has to get the car. He just has to.