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Asian Restaurant Allows You To Dine With Stuffed Animals

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 9.42.25 AM

Business Insider - A Cat Cafe (exactly what it sounds like) has made its way to New York City, but folks in Japan believe in a different way to dine with animals. Introducing Japan’s Moomin Cafe, which seats those who are dining alone with large stuffed animals to keep them company. Moomin Cafe is a theme restaurant, based on a series of Finnish picture books about a family of hippopotamus-like creatures. Twitter user Haru recently visited paid the restaurant’s Tokyo Dome City LaQua branch a visit. FirstWeFeast reports, [Haru] bravely stepped inside, took a seat, and placed her order. But as she was sitting by herself, waiting for her food to come, she was approached by one of the staff, who came over to inform Haru there was someone who’d like to sit with her, if she didn’t mind. It turned out the server was making the request on behalf of The Snork Maiden, the girlfriend of Moomin’s main character, Moomintroll. “The waitress had such a big smile on her face, I couldn’t say no,”

Lets get back to making fun of Asians, shall we? Thats something we all can get behind. White, black, Latino – we all think Asians are weird. Fuck even Asians can get down with making fun of Asians because they are oblivious and don’t even know whats being said and they just giggle about it. I was tempted to call this “Asians Are From Outer Space – Part 2,756,095.” (If you haven’t been following along thats actually a legitimate tally that I keep track of on every Asia blog.) But part of me kinda likes this idea. Everyone alive had a favorite stuffed animal growing up. Mine was Whitey. (See I was racist straight from the cradle) He was just a white bear. I suppose you could say polar bear but I never thought of him that way. There was also Bobby. He was some sort of little creature I don’t even know what. If I could sit down at the bar and have a drink with those dudes I’d probably do it. Like some sort of weird Furry Party you know?

I can’t help but feel that shit turns sexual real quick in this restaurant. Because like I said Asians are from outer space. One minute some chick is having a tea party with a stuffed hippo and then the next a line of waiters and bus boys are just bukakke’ing her. Seems like the natural progression in these pictures no?

PS – That first picture is laugh out loud funny.

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