Dickie V Dropped One Of The More Wild Tweets You'll Ever See, Continues To Be A Damn National Treasure

Just an absolutely unbelievable tweet by Dickie V. I can't stop reading it and laughing. It takes you on a wild ride starting with updating the world that he's watching everything going on in Iran and then also checking hoop news. I was waiting for him to somehow combine the two and weave in Virginia's defense to homeland security. There's just no one else like him in the world. Yeah, I have a soft spot for him since he was the voice of our era growing up watching college hoops. Has he lost a step? You tell me (the answer is yes): 

Everyone losing their mind on social media yelling about Republicans or Democrats and what's going on in Iran. Read Chaps stuff on it here because, well, you should. 

Meanwhile Dickie V is just checking in letting everyone know who to tip their hats to. The best.