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Scam-Gate Was An Inside Job: Top Suspects

It's coming clear into focus. Gift card gate was an inside job. The biggest tell is that I was one of only two employees targeted AND the fake email came mere minutes after I left the office to run an errand. You may be asking... if it happened inside these walls, why not target Glenny Balls? That of course would have set off WAY too many alarm bells around these parts.

There are multiple Barstool employees that had plenty of motive. It could have been demand for something expensive on eBay, revenge, to embarrass me, or maybe all of the above. 

Here is my running list of suspects and their motive for scammin' 

1. Zah: Isn't it weird that Zah, had the lowdown on ALL of the modern day tech scams just minutes after the news dropped that I was bamboozled??? Isn't it weird that Zah, just put a $600 bid on an Ozil game used jersey on eBay YESTERDAY??? Isn't weird that Zah, was the first to the scene to say there was NO WAY this was an inside job? And itsn't it WEIRD that the EMAIL from fake Erika came from a address and Zah just HAPPENED to go to the University of Tampa Bay? 

2. Daniela: It's no secret that Daniela had motive.  She and I have had our little under the radar scuffles... scratch that... kerfuffles. After getting ROASTED by Draymond, I now know not to say scuffle unless there's a physical altercation. Anyway, it's no secret that Daniela used to work for the manically savvy family known for profiting off of sex tapes and ruining the careers of athletes just by dating them. And thus, she probably has a whole bag of next level tricks that can impale or terminate her adversaries. I've heard also, that there was rumblings that she wanted to fight me at Rough and Rowdy... only "for the right price"... Another motive. $$$. 

3. Jetski: Daniela's boyfriend. Playfully referred to as "the white rapper" by Dave.  MAYBE Daniela was too obvious of a perpetrator due to her close relationship with Erika. MAYBE he felt slighted by my New Years Resolution post that mentioned his girlfriend wanted to spend more time with her family and less time with him.  Maybe Jetski would go to great lengths for the woman he loves. MAYBE just MAYBE he wanted... this Multitrack Recorder Tracking Audio Equipment for his in-home studio. It's listed on eBay for how much you say? A little less than $600. Love, revenge, more tools for his trade. We're getting warmer. 

4.  All Business Pete: The tech guy. Allegedly. I mean its obvious right? He constantly is the butt of Barstool jokes. Berated, heckled and chastised on the daily, ABP needs to take the heat off of him, and ON to someone else. In this little stunt, he got a two for one. IT me that is now firmly in first place for biggest idiot in the office, AND Pete is now the "white knight" that can prevent future scams from gracing these four walls ever again.  

What in the world did he do with that $600 though? Can you buy Miami cocaine on eBay?

5. Ebony. The former security guard, current front desk bad bitch. The office shit stirrer. The girl whose New Year's Resolution is to get in 0 physical fights in 2020. But what about psychological warfare? The girl who made a fake Instagram profile to get back at her ex. CONVENIENTLY, her and I are the only ones in the entire company who supposedly received this email from "fake Erika".  But yet, I never saw said email. She was aware of when I left and where I was going… Now that I think about it, I even mentioned my fear of leaving the office in the middle of the work day and confided that I hoped no one noticed. Motive: Because she fucking felt like it.