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I Am Afraid For Duke Going Forward Because Of The Lack Of Competition In The ACC

This made me so happy to see. Only a joke of a school would ever A. admit that they are real shitty B. Have your couch who recruited you say this is the least gifted team he has ever coached. Hey Roy you suckbag, you recruited them aka this is your fault. I feel sorry for them and I really feel sorry for these Duke freshman because they aren’t going to experience a real UNC/Duke Rivalry because they are a NIT team this year. I don’t even want to waste my fingers talking about this team just glad to be a part of the big brother school in North Carolina. I am just so glad we never have to worry about our coach doing this because he has class and the best basketball coach to ever live.

Moving on to these other shleps of teams, we have Notre Dame who is trash, Syracuse just sad to see them lose every game. Virginia is out here losing to Boston College early in the year. Is Georgia Tech a team I have to worry about I mean what are we doing here. I only believe there are three and a half good teams in this conference and I use good loosely. Duke, Louisville, Florida State and half of Virginia. I just want teams to get Duke ready for March and I don’t think these teams are up for it. Luckily they are well coached and strong mined fellas and will be able to win on their own so again its Dukes year. Remember that.

I also have a future on Duke winning the championship right after they lost to a very good Stephen F. Austin team so get in on the bet while you can.