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Village People Banning Clippers From Using YMCA During Home Games

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CBS SPortsVictor Willis is the original lead singer of the musical group the Village People. Their song “YMCA” is often played at sporting events, because … I’m not really sure to be honest with you. It’s just one of those things that happens, like the wave, or ironic mustaches. Anyway, he’s pretty upset at the alleged racist statements from Donald Sterling and took to Twitter to let the team know he’s revoking the rights of the team to use the song. Billboard reports Willis does in fact own rights to the song as well as many other Village People hits. So, no “Macho Man” for the Clippers, either. TMZ reports that a spokesman for the singer confirmed he’s serious and will pursue action if the song is used. So just to recap. The list of people who have weighed in on this controversy now includes the President of the United States and the lead singer of the Village People.

Well now Donald Sterling is really fucked. Nobody is wearing Clippers warm up T shirts and NOBODY is going to be hearing YMCA at their home games. I mean thats practically the 2 most important parts of NBA basketball right? T shirt logos and Village People music. How can this man possibly continue as an NBA owner! Hes gotta sell this franchise now!

Bottom line is we’re talking about a fat rich old white man. Of course he’s racist. They’re all racist. This dope is just very very racist and happened to get caught. The amount of things he cares about in this world is made up of two things 1) Counting his money and 2) Popping Viagra to fuck his ironically half Mexican/half black girlfriend. Hitting him in his wallet is almost impossible since he’s a billionaire. They can “suspend” him. They can fine him. They can incentivize him to sell the team. But money ain’t a thang. Unless they somehow cut off his supply of Viagra and leave with a broken wrinkly dick, I can’t really think of a punishment that actually ruins this guy. Once you’re a rich old billionaire you’re pretty much untouchable.