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Fatherhood Can Be Scary As Shit

In that picture, I was a young 23-year-old living in Japan. I had been in the Marine Corps a little over a year and was starting a new job, a new marriage (thank god that one is over), and was becoming a dad all at the same time. In lots of ways, I fucked up the first few years. I pushed and pushed to deploy to Iraq and eventually got my wish and was gone for just about a year. 

I think because I was young and naive, I didnt have many fears about being a father. I should have. I probably would have been a better one from the jump. After being in this dad game for 14 plus now, I've learned some things. So has Clem. So has Large. Each week we get together and talk about those things and the things that we dont know. 

When we first started podfathers, it was Kevin, Clem and me. I had a preschooler still and Clem and Kevin were just getting their feet wet in the dad biz. Kevin went through some real-life stuff and needed to step away from Podfathers so we brought in Large. Large's views and experiences were much different than any of ours. Mainly, Large started rich like an asshole. 

When we record, it's a lot like some dads sitting at a park and crushing a few cold ones while talking about their week and their little asshole kids running around. It's still gonna be that way but we are going to bring in some of the new dads who are hanging out by the swings for the first time. Brandon Newman was the first new-to-be dad to come on. This week he talked about his fears, his concerns, and how he has extremely potent semen which is pretty dope I guess. 

We are going to bring on Willie to talk about his new baby boy that will be here soon. Big Cat will come on to talk about Lil Cat every now and then. We are also going to get Kevin's perspective about being a horny divorced dad who is prowling the streets looking for new interests while knowing that his netflix suggested shows are Bubble Guppies and Teen Titans. 

If you've had a kid in the last 3 years and didnt know where to step into the Podfather Show, this week is a good place. We are calling it Season 3 episode 1 because thats what the media folks tell us to do. In reality, a couple new strollers pulled up to our park bench with microphones attached and we are gonna be like the wise old heads who talk nonsense while losing at chess every god damn day. 

If you're looking for What to Expect When You're Expecting, we arent it. If you're looking for help when you feel a little parenting helpless, press play and subscribe. It's better to feel that way with 3 of your internet pals.