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A Genius Commuter In China Decided To Jump Into A Security X-Ray Machine Instead Of Emptying Out His Pockets, Taking Off His Shoes And Removing His Jacket

Whoa. Whoa that's smart. Really fucking smart. Holy fucking shiiiiiiit.

We all know how much it sucks commuting when everyone has to go through a security checkpoint. The line is long, you are forced to empty every single item you are holding in your pockets, your bag either goes through the X-ray scanner way before or way after you go through the metal detector, and the absolute chaos that ensues as everyone tries waddles around shoeless trying to make sure nobody else steals their stuff is straight from the 7th ring of hell.

However, our hero in this video said fuck all that bullshit and decided to smash the Easy button by just putting his whole damn body through the baggage machine. No panicked waits or handsy security guards to worry about. Just a tad bit of radiation that can either do nothing, kill you, or turn you into a superhero. By my count, that's a 66.666666% chance of everything working out great. And even if that 33.3% chance comes home to roost, I imagine it would hit pretty instantly, which means you would die of radiation poisoning while still wishing for death's cold touch because you are commuting with a billion other people in an overcrowded building. So all in all, this maniac may actually be a renaissance man.