Kylie Jenner, Facing Backlash For Posting Herself Wearing Louis Vuitton Fur Slippers, Just Donated A Cool Million Dollars To Australia Fire Relief

Boom! Checkmate bitches! Try talking that shit now! Whomst among the people out there criticizing Kylie for wearing real fur Louis Vuitton slippers has donated 7 figures to Australia relief? Raise your hand. No? Nobody? That’s what I fucking thought. Those people throwing rocks at Kylie for wearing real fur slippers while simultaneously being concerned about koala bears can’t say shit until they do something about the tragic situation that’s unfolding in Australia, which they won’t. They’ll stomp their feet on Twitter about Kylie, get bodied when Kylie writes a huge check and move onto the next thing to be mad about.

And sure, Kylie can say that she didn’t donate the money to Australia to throw people off the narrative that she’s some out-of-touch billionaire living lavishly up in her mansion while the world literally burns but that’s exactly why she did it. Alright maybe it’s not the sole reason, it’s impossible to see videos of koala bears running for their lives amidst hellfire raining down around them and not wanna do something to help, but at least part of the reason was to get the poors off her back about wearing real fur slippers.

Also, don’t insult our intelligence Kim. I love the Kardashians and Jenners but saying, “and to think we have to publicize everything” like they don’t is laugh out loud funny.

Bro that’s that business model! The Kardashian/Jenner business model is publicize EVERYTHING. They have one of the longest running reality TV shows for that very purpose. Every part of their lives are open for public consumption because that’s how the empire keeps rolling along. I’m not hating on it, that’s what Barstool Sports is about to a degree, I’m just saying don’t act like that’s not the gig when it very much is.