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From Now On The Only Person I Want To Get Hockey Analysis From Is Larry David

I loved Don Cherry with all of my heart. Loved him like he was my own grandfather. But you know what? I think I can finally get over the fact that we don't have new clips of Grapes rambling on about nonsense every Saturday night if we can send Larry David up to Canada to replace him. 

What would make it so great is that Larry David and Don Cherry are the exact same while also being polar opposites. I mean they're both a couple of old, stubborn jackasses who are overly opinionated and will never apologize for said opinions. But here we have Larry David defending Kaapo Kakko, saying he shouldn't get benched just because he took one stupid penalty. Could you ever see Don Cherry going on HNIC to defend a young European for taking a dumb penalty? Not in fifty thousand years. 

Just think about the conversations he'd be having. He'd be talking about that guy on the team who is always taking up way too much space in the locker room and leaving his shit all over the place. He'd be talking about bench etiquette and when you should or shouldn't have to slide down to make room for other guys. He'd be talking about when it's appropriate to mooch clear tape off of a teammate. We need more hockey LD and we need it now. 

P.S. - While we're loosely talking about the Rangers, what a sequence from last night's Rangers vs Avalanche game. 

I have no issue at all with Kadri immediately jumping in there and absolutely feeding Lindgren for that hit. But holllllly shit that hit was massive. Lined up Donskoi like a heat seeking missile and just blew him the fuck up. Enormous hit from Lindgren, appropriate response from Kadri, and in that situation I think that Ryan Lindgren just needs to be ready for a fight because it sure as shit seemed like he had no idea that was coming. Buddy,,,you just sent someone into a different dimension. You have to know that fists are going to be flying toward your face after that.