Miley Cyrus Coming In Hot!

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Take a wild guess who took these pictures?  Yup once again the handiwork of Terry Richardson.  Talk about a guy you want to buy stock in huh?  Never heard of this gayball a year ago and now you can’t go a week without him doing a slutty photoshoot with an A list celeb that takes the internet by storm.  And yes Miley is an A list celeb right now.  As hot as hot gets.   If you want to see more pictures click here.  Nipples everywhere.

PS – The weirdest thing about me and Miley Cyrus is that I like her because of her music and not her sex appeal.  Like I’m not really attracted to her at all.  Sure I’d throw it in her but my dick didn’t even think of moving looking at these pictures.  If this was Rihanna I’d be clawing through my computer screen.