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How About Baylor Hoops Running A Football Play To Seal Its Game On The Same Day That Matt Rhule Left As Football Coach?

Fucking Scott Drew, man. What a play design. Just running trips left with his running back to the right of his QB, except this is an inbounds play. I love it. We need more teams to run something like this. Last year was the first time I remember teams really started running this true football play design on inbounds. NKU had a play called 'Clemson' which was put in after watching Clemson win the national title this year.

What makes Baylor's play even better though? They ran a different design football inbounds play last year against Texas Tech.

I love this play design so much though. You have the slot receiver and outside receiver running go routes. You have the middle receiver running a bubble screen. The running back is trying to run a hook route but falls, no pass interference, especially if this was in New Orleans. 

Toss in that you run this the day that Matt Rhule takes the Panthers job and it's even more hilarious. Just shows how damn good Scott Drew has come in coaching. Also, don't sleep on this Baylor team. I gave them out last month as a future bet, I think they are now currently the 2nd best team in the country. I love this roster. These guards are tough as shit and Drew has even adapted. They don't run that 1-1-3 zone all the time anymore. Instead they run a man defense and toss in the zone as a wrinkle. It completely changes how teams prepare for them. Get to know the name Jared Butler. If Baylor makes a Final Four it's because of him. 

PS: If you grew up playing hoops and didn't get a bit of the shakes thinking they were lining up to run suicides you're lying. Seeing everyone on the baseline is terrifying.