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Of Course Maywood Park Racetrack Is Being Replaced By The Largest Amazon Warehouse

Well isn't this the most 2020 shit imaginable?

Big boy Amazon winds up being the ones that plant their flag on our beloved horse tracks grave. I can't say that I didn't see it coming since every time I've passed by they've been building something massive, but it still is crazy to see it all formulate.

At least the old corner of North & 1st has something to be proud of with it being the biggest Amazon warehouse in the country. All the jobs that will come along with it is a good thing too. But, man is it a damn shame what that corner has become between this and the loss of Kiddieland. If you moved away in the 90's and just came back for a weekend you'd have absolutely zero no idea of where you are.

Times change though I guess...

P.S. - I hope the owner of Cascade Drive-In Movie Theater's land feels like a big dummy right now. At least from everything I've read was that he closed up shop thinking he was going to get this, but I could be wrong. Shoulda let us keep our Drive-In, bud.

...And that was Eddie being upset about some of his childhood places being closed down.