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Toucher And Rich Can’t Stop Sucking Each Other’s Dicks Over Hanging Up on Rick Pitino


I know tons of Stoolies are T+R fans so I’m sure people are going to defend them here, but this was fucking dumb. Seriously I’m not sure I’ve ever seen people suck each other’s dicks harder for literally doing nothing. Umm guys Pitino is on a book tour. He’ll literally talk to any radio station on earth. I would have much rather heard them pepper him with questions like they said they were gonna do rather than just saying you stink and hanging up. Maybe ask him about the fact he lasted 7 seconds in the restaurant. Ask him whether that’s an urban legend or not.  Now that would have been funny. But nope. Let’s just say you stink and hang up on him and giggle about it for 30 minutes like you’re in 2nd grade. Like Pitino gives a flying fuck. He just went onto the next interview. Yeah you really roasted him alright.

As a side note were Toucher and Rich even here when Pitino was here? No right? So why do they hate him so much?