Wake Up With Kyler Murray's Oklahoma Baseball Highlights

Stud. What a stud athlete Kyler Murray is. We just saw him wrap-up a pretty good rookie season in the NFL, but it wasn’t that long ago he was the 9th pick in the MLB Draft and told people he was focused on baseball. I wouldn’t have blamed him if he stuck with baseball. Guaranteed contracts, you don’t have 11 guys attempting to remove your head from your body, and you basically stand around for 97% of each game. But just look at the video, you can see the tools that made him a top 1o pick by the Athletics. Shows some raw power, and how about the left fielder not flinching on that one home run. If you thought he was fast on the football field, him running the bases looks like someone hitting fast forward on the clip. He’ll be a damn good player in the NFL for the foreseeable future, but man would it have been fun to see what he could have done on the diamond.