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Roy Williams Now Wants You To Know His UNC-Chapel Hill Team Just Completely Stinks Out Loud (Pretty Much)


Listen I just need to do my journalistic duties here. First, showing a balanced reporting by having both Duke and UNC (did you know they are rivals?) represented with the quote. Second, I need to update the hot story from over the weekend. You know, the one where Roy Williams was forced to apologize to everyone associated with UNC-Chapel Hill because of their pathetic performance against Georgia Tech: 

Listen, he wants you to understand this team just fucking stinks. It wasn't just a pathetic performance against North Carolina. This is the worst team he's ever coached at UNC. It's not his fault they are a bunch of bums out there. 

The best is so many people on Twitter and whatnot are losing it because he shouldn't be saying this. Listen, I'm VERY much for players getting paid, I don't think I hide that at all. But I also don't have a problem with a coach saying the truth. I mean I've been saying UNC-Chapel Hill is a mid-major that wouldn't finish in the top-2 in the SoCON for how long. Roy knows the truth. 

I would love to be in the UNC-Chapel Hill locker room after this though. How pissed are these dudes that he recruited after hearing this? I mean imagine walking around campus now and everyone just heard your coach say that you stink. That's gotta hurt.