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Larry David Told Mike Maccagnan To Draft Lamar Jackson And They Laughed At Him

Listen I am supremely confident in Sam Darnold. And not even in that “I’m just trying to convince myself so I’m saying it until I believe it.” Despite the disastrous lows of this season – from mono to ghosts to losing to 0-7 teams – I still think this season was somehow encouraging. He showed flashes of being a true franchise cornerstone. He overcame an atrocious offensive line. He operated with zero offensive weapons. His head coach sucks. There was tons of off the field drama. And Sammy D still went out there and slung it like a real pro. Numbers comparable to all the all time greats in their second season. And then you remember hes younger than Joe Burrow and you realize theres so so so much time for him to put it all together.

So, I’m not gonna get all bent out of shape about passing on Lamar Jackson the way other franchises who made that same mistake should. But all that being said, its fucking hilarious to think of Larry David being this honorary member of the Jets brain trust who somehow has a direct line to the GM. Like they’ll take his phone call but they wont actually listen to his demands or advice, but it turns out the son of a bitch is right. Sounds like an entire episode of Curb where Larry would hold an “I Told You So” grudge for years every time he saw someone from the Jets. Or him and his friends argue about whether he truly gets credit for saying to draft him. Like yea, you said to draft him Larry, but you didn’t know he was gonna be this good. But regardless of how much he really knew Lamar Jackson was the real deal, the fact that he is confidently saying that fans are just as smart as NFL execs is pretty goddam perfect. “They know more about drafting quarterbacks than I do.” “No…n n n n no no they dont!,” says Larry David as he WATCHES PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL GAMES ON TAPE DELAY. I mean sometimes you forget that all the story lines you’ve watched for the better part of 30 years are this guys life. Like you know Seinfeld was his work and obviously Curb but when you hear these particularly preposterous stories and you see him behaving exactly like he does on TV when he’s somehow on the goddam Michael Kay Show, you remember hes the most authentic guy in the game. Even when his stories feel completely made up or impossibly over the top, you get proof positive that its all real.


Bottom line is this – I love Sam Darnold and I think I’m gonna really like Joe Douglas when he really digs his claws into this franchise…but also if the phone rings and its Larry David, at least hear him out. The last thing we need is another one of these headlines making the whole organization look stupid because they blew off one of the most brilliant minds of our generation. I’d honestly give him an official title if he had any interest. Considering he golfs on Sunday and tapes the games, I dont know if he’d be interested. But lets cover all our bases here.