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Japanese Woman Up And Kicks Her Kid Right In The Head In Front Of A Bunch Of People


Get it together lady.  Just because the sound of a baby crying makes you want to kick your child straight in the face doesn’t mean you should do it.  And if you’re going to do it, maybe don’t do it in front of a bunch of people at the mall or whatever.  It’s 2014 and they’re called camera phones.  Everybody has one.  Do that in the comfort of your own home.  I’m not saying beating your kids is something people should do because they shouldn’t but at least try and hide it if you’re gonna do it.  If you do it in public then all of us have to feel uncomfortable watching it and maybe even come to the aid of the little person.  Don’t put us in that position.  We don’t have kids because we don’t want to be put in a position where we might kick our child in the head.  How dare you put that burden on us.

People, don’t beat your kids.

I’ll let Katt Williams take it from here.


Remember when Katt Williams wasn’t crazy and getting arrested every 6 hours?  Him being super famous and selling out shows feels like it was 100 years ago at this point.  I used to get suuuuuuper high and laugh my ass off to Katt Williams’ stand up specials.  Now we’re stuck with Kevin Hart and the Think Like A Man Too media tour.  Fuck that.  Come back, Katt!