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Terrorist #2’s Lawyers Asks To Ease His Living Restrictions In Jail

BIQjIwuCcAI2vMZ.jpg-large-480x640 – Attorneys for alleged Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev are asking a judge to ease special restrictions on him in federal custody that they say have left him almost totally isolated while he awaits trial and that are hindering the ability of the attorneys to prepare his defense.“The restrictions on Mr. Tsarnaev leave him in nearly total isolation,” the attorneys said in a 23-page motion filed today in US District Court in Boston. “He is confined to his cell except for legal visits and very limited access to a small outdoor enclosure, on weekdays, weather permitting. The purported basis for these conditions lies in the crimes he is alleged to have committed prior to arrest, not any behavior during his confinement.”

Oh terrorist #2 doesn’t get enough human interaction? He doesn’t get enough outdoor time during the week? What a fucking shame. Umm maybe he shouldn’t have blown people up, gotten in a gunfight with cops and ruined innocent lives? Ever think of that? If it was up to me he’d be getting tortured every single day to the brink of death. Like he wants more visitors and human interaction?  Fine. Let all the victims and their friends visit him in his cell. That works by me. Oh and as far as this lawyer goes? I’d arrest his ass and torture him too.  I’m not sure if he had a public defender assigned to him or what, but whoever it is needs to shut up.  You don’t really defend this animal like he has normal rights.  You just show up and hope he gets beaten to death in jail so you don’t have to deal with him anymore.