The XFL Using Hawk-Eye Technology For Replay Reviews Is The Biggest No Brainer In the History of No Brainers

Today the XFL released their new rules that will separate their game from anything else. They're awesome and Coley broke them all down in his blog this morning, except for one. Hawk-Eye technology. 

A video official who can intervene on significant non-reviewable plays when involving player safety, or on any calls inside of five minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. There will also be booth-initiated reviews of traditionally reviewable plays using Hawk-Eye technology that ingests video directly from the broadcast truck. (ESPN)

Using Hawk-Eye tech is the biggest no brainer in the history the world. The fact that Hawk-Eye just hasn't been a thing in every sport is fucking lunacy. I watch tennis all the time so I've been familiar with this review system forever. In a sport filled with constant 120+ mph serves it's nearly impossible for the umpires to always get it right. In 2002 the sport of tennis installed Hawk-Eye to make sure everything was right. What Hawk-Eye does for tennis is position about 10 cameras around the stadium that only follow the ball. It's accurate to within 5 millimeters and only takes about 10 seconds. So not only will this get the call right, but it will shorten the amount of time it takes to review a play so we're not sitting there for 10 minutes wondering what the fuck is going on. 

Here are some of the closest calls that Hawk-eye got right

You would never need to measure for first downs any more. The archaic way of bringing out the chains would go away forever. Are you wondering if the ball got across the end zone line for a touchdown? Hawk-eye will tell you in seconds. It's fucking insanity this isn't in the NFL, NHL, or NBA. I don't understand it. It's right there. Two of the oldest sports around, tennis and soccer, both use it and it works. 

Good job XFL, even if this was the easiest call of all time. Hey Goodell, figure it out buddy.