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Is Kevin O'Connell The Next Sean McVay/Kyle Shanahan/Matt LaFleur? Probably, But That's OK Because Scott Turner Might Be Awesome Too

Here’s the thing- I don’t know a ton about Scott Turner but the general sense I get is he’s good at his job. A fine and dandy offensive coordinator. So I am happy with the hire. Yes it’s a bit strange Ron Rivera is bringing all his old coaches with him from Carolina when they weren’t exactly the definition of success down there, but Scott Turner was only the OC for a couple of months and Kyle Allen looked good under center, so I’m optimistic about what he can do with Haskins.

That being said, I wanted to keep Kevin O’Connell. Haskins liked him. He helped with the emergence of McLaurin. He made the best of a terrible situation in Washington where we had a rookie QB, no TE, no catch-passing RB, no other options at WR besides McLaurin (until later in the season where Sims starting coming into his own) and a shoddy offensive line. KOC was also battling with Bill Callahan’s 1960’s style offense, but he managed to make chicken with rosemary wine sauce out of chicken shit.

So no, it will not shock me when KOC joins McVay, Shanahan, and LaFleur as coaches of Redskins past who flourish in the league. And I obviously am rooting for him because why not? And hey, best case scenario- Scott Turner is fucking awesome too and he eventually *also* becomes a head coach. And this is the NFL we’re talking about, so the bar isn’t incredibly high- Josh McDaniels has been getting head coaching sniffs for years now, turning down jobs, and his playcalling hasn’t exactly been something to write home about.

So good luck to Kevin where ever he may end up, and hopefull Scotty T turns us into an offensive juggernaut. Everyone wins.