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I Just Want To Go On the Record As Saying If You Eat Farm Raised Salmon Over Wild Caught Salmon I Don’t Respect You As A Human Being.



I’m sure people are gonna hate this blog because people say they hate everything I write lately even though they sneaky jerk off to it. Anyway long story short when Big Cat and I were in California we went out for dinner and I asked the waiter if the Salmon was wild caught. Big Cat gave me a look like that shouldn’t matter. Umm yeah it does bro. Only absolute sloths eat farm raised salmon. I thought everybody knew that. Like if you didn’t catch the fish swimming freely in the ocean like a man I want no part of it. Seriously I can’t even look somebody in the eye who eats farm raised fish. That’s something Sales Guy would do and not even know the difference because he’s a simpleton. Wild Caught or go home. Here endth the lesson