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In The Least Shocking News of All Time The Boston Red Sox Were Illegally Using Their Replay Room During Their 2018 World Series Title Run

STUNNING. I mean absolutely stunning. Who could have seen this story take this kind of turn? The Houston Astros cheated their way to a 2017 World Series championship. That we do know. Alex Cora was their bench coach and supposedly one of the key pieces in the cheating scandal. We know that too. What happened next was that Cora was then scooped up by the Boston Red Sox to be their manager. What happened next? Cora led the Sox to a franchise record 108 wins and a World Series championship. What a big coincidence! You don't think? Noooo......there's no way! You don't think the Red Sox saw the Astros win the whole thing and had a feeling something fishy was going on so they stole Houston's bench coach away, made him their manager, and begged him to bring his "secret" cheating ways over there to gain an advantage on the Yankees and the rest of the American League? That'd be crazy huh?

Honestly if you woke up today and were at the least bit surprised about this news then shame on you. The only way to beat the Yankees over the last 3 years was blatant cheating. And I'm not accusing the Sox of cheating in the postseason (yet) but they won 108 games in 2018 and were known as a team you couldn't strike out, and that would constantly put the bat on the ball. You couldn't get them out. No one could. I wonder why. I don't think what Boston did was on the same stratosphere of what Houston had going with their garbage cans, but they definitely weren't clean. 

The past is the past. You can't change it. You can't take away any titles from anyone, this isn't college. But I imagine every single player in that Yankees clubhouse is furious this was going on and directly fucked them in the ass. They'll use this as the greatest motivation ever. Also, from now on everyone will be on an even playing field, unlike the last 3 seasons. I'm excited. 79 days until Opening Day. 

P.S. I suspect Carrabis and every other Red Sox fans counterpoint here will be the Yankees were fined for "cheating" in 2017 when the Sox got caught for their Apple Watches. What actually happened was that the Sox got caught with their dick out and pointed the finger blindly at the Yankees hoping MLB would find something. They suspected something with their YES Network cameras. Nothing was found. They were fined were illegal use of a bullpen phone. So basically MLB found the smallest thing ever and had the Yankees donate the money to charity. Sorry, you'll have to do better than that.