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There's A 16 Year-Old Freak Of Nature Tearing Up The OHL Right Now So Start Tanking For The 2022 NHL Draft

The World Junior Championships just wrapped up so now everyone is familiar with top 2020 NHL Draft prospect, Alex Lafreniere. As soon as the majority of the world knows who you are they’re bored of you. That’s the way it works. So Lafreniere, even though you’ve never played a game in the NHL it’s time for you to fuck off. His time on the hype machine is over. Now it’s time to talk about Shane Wright.

Shane Wright, all of fucking 16 years-old, is tearing up the OHL as a rookie. He’s only allowed to play in the OHL this year because he was granted “exceptional status”. The only two other forwards ever granted exceptional status in the OHL and allowed to play at this age…Connor McDavid and John Tavares. Pretty good company. And…statistically he’s right there with them. McDavid’s rookie year in the OHL…66 points in 63 games. Tavares rookie season…77 points in 65 games. So far this year for Shane Wright…32 points in 33 games. Right around a point per game after the first half of the season while he’s trying to figure out how to drive, play in the league with dudes who are 20 years old, and what time his billet family will let him have girls over to his house.

There’s nothing I love more than being right. It’s the best. A close second is being first. I don’t think Shane Wright’s name has appeared on this website yet, so…dibs. I’m a Shane Wright blogger. Totally normal thing to do. Just gonna follow the progress of a 16 year-old so in 2022 if things really go to shit for the Blackhawks I can be like “that’s my guy, remember back in 2020?” and pretend as if I scouted him personally. That’s the plan. Shane Wright to the Hawks, 2022. Let’s go.