Michael Kay On His High Horse Overreacting To Matt Harvey Giving The Middle Finger

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Out of all the non-stories that have been blown up into a big deal in New York Sports, this one might take the cake. Grown man takes a picture smiling at the camera jokingly flipping the bird and the media is all fucking over it. And of course at the forefront of it all is Michael Kay, with his gigantic head stuffed into his ivory tower. I didn’t listen to his show because who the fuck does that, but I went to his twitter immediately to see what self righteous sanctimonious bullshit he was spewing.

And I gotta admit, even I was pretty surprised with “vile and threatening.” Thats even more preposterous than I thought we’d get. I thought we’d see inappropriate. I thought we’d see childish, immature, unprofessional, etc etc. But vile and threatening is really something. Short of menacing I think thats about as dramatic as you can possibly be about this fucking picture:

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Its actually straight up insane how much fake outrage some people are putting out there over a dude taking a harmless picture like this. Do you know how much more FUCKED up shit you can find these days? There’s language and material on like basic fucking cable thats worse than this. Brooklyn Decker made a cheeseburger cum on CBS the other day for fucks sake. But here’s Michael Kay, spouting off about how vile and threatening he is while talking about how the youth of America need to be more responsible. Remember to tell those kids to stay off your lawn too, pal.

So from all of us here at Barstool Sports and really the rest of level headed Americans everywhere, Harvey 3:16 says Fuck You, Michael.




PS – I didn’t hear Francesa’s opening today but I heard he eviscerated Harvey as well. Middle Finger him too then. The backlash and outrage from this is getting fucking crazy.