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Cardiologist Racks Up $135,000 Bill Over The Course Of 4 Days At Scores, Says He Was Drugged Every Night



Stripclub image by Shuttershock

Gawker –  The Manhattan Supreme Court will hear the case of a strip club that claims a cardiologist owes $135,000 in bills for four very expensive visits. The doctor says he was drugged by club employees and never authorized the charges. The West Side location of Scores charges that Zyad Kivaris Younan, a doctor at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, “voluntarily came to plaintiff’s place of business and requested that plaintiff provide him with food, beverages and services.” He compensated them for those services with his American Express card, which the club accepts as payment for its $250 meals, $1,000 bottles of champagne, and tips for dancers. The club’s manager says huge tabs aren’t unusual. What is unusual is that Younan contested the charges, claiming that on each of the four nights in question, he had either been drugged by the Scores staff or hadn’t been at the club at all. The club counters that it has video of Younan on all four occasions, and that he was never drugged. “He was coherent until he saw the bill — or his wife saw the bill,” manager Stephen Hyman told the New York Daily News.

Saying you were drugged or over-served at the strip club when you rack up an exorbitant bill is like the equivalent of saying your twitter was hacked when you accidentally send out a dick pic or say something horribly racist. Its the Deny, Deny, Deny route that you have to go when your back is against the wall and you have no other choice. And the thing about it is, nobody can really prove you wrong. Obviously nobody buys the excuse but there’s technically no way to disprove it either. Like hey who knows, maybe Doctor Bob really was drugged that night! I’ve heard stories of people reporting stolen credit cards or canceling their American Express cards to get out of major bills from the strip club. Shit like this can work.

But where you run into trouble is when we’re talking about a 4 day bender and 135k worth of booze and lap dances. I mean you know how many times you can cum in your mesh shorts after dropping $135,000? A LOT of times. There’s no weaseling out of that much strip club activity. The whole “I was drugged” thing ain’t gonna work when you were there every Saturday night for a month, Doc. What you should be doing is admitting you were there and going the “I’m a sex addict” angle. Blame it on a sickness. You’re physically addicted to over the pants handjobs from Eastern European chicks. Thats the play when you’re 4 days and a 135 grand deep.