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Should Chaps Have Tagged That Ruthless Backhand Slap Video As A "Must Watch" Video? An Investigation

So my close personal friend and fellow Podfather Uncle Chaps blogged this video earlier today.

As is often the case with Chaps' blogs, I laughed while reading it. If you haven't already clicked on the blog, I suggest you do so because it is such a delight.

Now as you may or may not know here at Barstool, we have a policy of two Must Watch blogs allowed per year. You should only tag a blog as Must Watch when they are of the quality that every single person that sees the blog should drop what they are doing and watch the video with bated breath. That appeared to be the case based on Chaps' title of "Introducing The Most Ruthless Backhand Slap These Eyes Have Ever Seen", which given his time as a Marine, countless years watching Ric Flair chop the shit out of every WCW wrestler back when Chaps watched early-90s WCW was a Florida Poor, as well as propensity for watching crazy ass videos on the internet, must include a whole lot of ruthless backhand slaps. 

I may not officially be Barstool's Must Watch Watchdog or anything. But I personally thought that particular video was a Must Watch simply due to the savagery of the lick, the devastation of the slap,the wrestling jokes that could be made between a Flair chop along with Fake Flair's ally looking like The Big Show, a even Chapsy's blow-by-blow description of the mollywhopping detailed just how must perfection was tucked densely into that 21 second video.

I... I don't even know what to say. I'm aghast. I'm perplexed. I'm dismayed at the level of savagery in this slap. It's one thing to walk into the Maxx and slap a man. It's a whole other ballgame to lick the back of your own hand before launching a gentleman to where only the newly formed Space Force can monitor his well being. 

The sound is perfect. 

The execution is perfect. 

The stone-cold body laying over the bench like he's an unworn sweater is perfect. 

Chaps is a content tour de force in every medium he appears in for Barstool. From video to podcasts to radio to written blog to audio blog. However, he has occasionally been accused of having issues using the Must Watch tag a little too liberally in the past, as he was called out on it during an old Rundown or two and also had a #MustWatchgate mere weeks ago.

Finally, the most damning evidence against our Purple Hearted friend is that he retweeted this tweet mere minutes ago and as we all know, when it comes to Chaps, ALL retweets are endorsements.

I know it's early in the year and there are 51 weeks left in 2020. But if something is Must Watch in your eyes as a blogger, as it apparently was for Chaps, you have to tag it Must Watch so it will cut through the incredible glut of content both Barstool and the entire World Wide Web produces on a daily basis. I won't even get into Chaps using 3 Must Watch tags last year since there is a line of thinking that if the first two Must Watch tags are MW worthy, you get a third kinda like winning a challenge in the NFL. 

But what I will say is that Chaps was wrong for not tagging that incredible lick and chop as a Must Watch video. Here's to hoping he blogs two more Must Watch-worthy videos by December 31st so we can put this whole ugly situation behind us.