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Shannon Sharpe Pretty Much Tells That Snake Orlando Scandrick He's Only TV Now Because He's A Talentless Bum

Orlando Scandrick has done next to nothing during his entire NFL career. You and I have the same amount of Pro Bowl appearances as Orlando Scandrick. You and I have the same amount of Super Bowl appearances as Orlando Scandrick. And since getting cut by the Eagles earlier in the season, we all played just as many NFL snaps as Orlando Scandrick. 

But since Skip Bayless is a clown, Orlando Scandrick now gets to go on TV and say whatever his idiot brain tells him too say. Most of the time he's just incredibly sour about getting cut by a Philadelphia Eagles team when they were at their lowest of lows. To think that the Eagles had hit rock bottom and they decided that the best move to help them would be to cut you has to be completely demoralizing. So it makes sense that Orlando Scandrick would be the saltiest personality on TV right now. 

But fortunately for all of us at home who don't get a chance to tell Orlando Scandrick he's trash in person, Shannon Sharpe has us all covered. Because Shannon Sharpe kept it extremely real with Orlando Scandrick today and made sure he knew the only reason he's on TV right now in the first place is because he stinks. Sure, he played 10-12 years in the league but they'll amount to some of the most forgettable 10-12 years of all time. 5 years from now nobody will even remember Orlando Scandrick played in the league. They'll just remember that time that he was about to break down in tears after getting called out by Shannon Sharpe on Undisputed. 

"They brought Orlando Scandrick in to try and sure up that defense, and he's sitting here talking to us". Spot the lie. You simply cannot.