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The Detroit Red Wings Brought Some Moms Into The Locker Room To Call The Starting Lineup, Get The Boys Buzzin Early

Hockey Moms are the greatest. The spend years and years waking up at the crack of dawn to freeze their ass off at your 6am game on Saturday mornings. They sacrifice their cars smelling like shit when you "forget" to take you bag out of the back after practice and it's still soaking wet the next morning. And even though they may look and sound tiny, they'll always be ready to rumble if their kid gets ran from behind. 

So the Detroit Red Wings had their mom's trip over the last week and to get the boys going before their game against Chicago, they had Mrs. Bertuzzi, Mrs. Fabbri and Mrs. Bowey call out the starting lineup. You never want to see your mom come into the locker room at any point in your playing career past mites, but I guess an exception can be made here. 

Unfortunately for these moms, however, their sons play for the Detroit Red Wings and are at least 13 points worse than any other team in the league. They are impressively horrible. Which is good for them and everything since it gives them the best chance to pick up this guy in the draft...


...but christ, fellas. You couldn't treat your moms to at least one win? After everything they've done for you to get you to this point in your career? You treat them to a 4-1 loss in Dallas and then follow that up with a 4-2 loss to the Blackhawks? Worst sons ever. 

Oh and sidenote here but I think I'm in love with Mrs. Bertuzzi. Pretty sure she slipped an F-bomb in there. A woman after my own heart.