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Rangers Look To Take Back Series Lead While Philly Looks To Goon It Up Some More


Look for Carcillo in the lineup for Fast tonight.

Whatever, Wayne Brady Simmonds. Get as chippy as you want. Keep giving the Blueshirts 6 power plays a game while, to their credit, they remain disciplined without getting bent over like the soft bitches Philly thought they’d be. Well, almost…


Despite the series being deadlocked, it’s obvious that the Rangers have been playing better hockey. For some reason, they let off the accelerator & allowed the Flyers a little false confidence. That’s fine. If Simmonds thinks putting on the foil is what his squad needs to do to take the series, so be it. For a team not celebrated for their offense, the Blueshirts are the 3rd-highest scoring road team in the Eastern bracket. No one in the East has given up less away from home – even the mighty Bruins. And I’ll give you all one guess who’s allowed the 2nd-most in their own building. So once NY builds a big enough lead and turns the Philly faithful back into the miserable turds they are, then maybe the teams can iron out their “chippiness”…