Brooklyn Decker Makes A Burger Come On Her New Sitcom

Brooklyn Decker got the jam job. Completely cuckholded by that rectangle Kate Upton. There was a brief window of time where Brooklyn Decker was the smokestack blonde with huge tits and then Upton came along. Dougied her way into the pants of every man in America and completely overshadowed Brooklyn.

But once Kate Upton let herself go and decided to turn into a stick of bologna, why didn’t we all revert back to Brooklyn Decker? Why didn’t everyone just say – hey, Brooklyn Decker is still a super smoke with a sick body? Forget about Upton. Its really a lesson in public relations and how Brooklyn Decker let her position as THE hot blonde fall apart. But I guess here she is on her new sitcom, Friends With Better Lives. Maybe she played her cards right. She’s the one on a TV show on a major network replacing one of the longest running sticoms ever.  Granted, she’s more or less fellating a cheeseburger until it cums, but hey – TV is TV. Brooklyn Decker is one of the stars of Friends With Better Lives while Kate Upton is off trying to jam her fat feet into a pair of heels for her next photoshoot with that creep Terry Richardson. You tell me whos the real winner.

PS – Whoever discovered that watching hot chicks sloppily eat cheeseburgers is somehow sexy is a goddam genius.

Here’s some more to remind you just what kinda heat Brooklyn Decker can bring:

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Thanks to Russ for the video