Study Says Chicks Prefer Men Who Drive Practical Cars

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NY Post - Forget the Porsche — guys who really want to attract women should be driving a Prius. Sexy models draped over sports cars at the New York Auto Show aside, most women prefer a man who drives something more practical, according to a new survey. A Harris poll commissioned by dating site AnastasiaDate found that a majority of women associate fancy cars with negative character traits: 56 percent view men who drive exotic or fast cars as being show-offs or arrogant, and 17 percent perceive them as being insecure. Almost half of women say that a guy’s car reflects his economic status. Forty-six percent say that it reflects a guy’s image of himself. Eleven percent believe that the car reflects the guy’s feelings about having a family. Only about one-fifth of women say that they have found a man more attractive after seeing the type of car that he drives. And 37 percent of women think men who buy expensive cars are compensating for a lack of “something.”

Oh my thats interesting. Those are some very interesting sociological statistics. So I’ll just go ahead and leave these right here:

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I mean ladies stop me when you can’t handle anymore: 101 horsepower. 31 miles per gallon city/40 miles per gallon highway. Audio system with AM/FM radio AND a CD player. 16 inch rims. Driver Air Bag. Passenger Air Bag. Side Head Air Bag Rear Head Air Bag. Side Air Bag. Driver knee Air Bag

You girls leaking yet?

$160 bucks a month and $99 a month to park. Thats right – 99 bucks when my garage would ordinarily be $506. CLEAN UP ON AISLE 3! I’m turning panties into an ocean over here! Glad all you small dicked arrogant pricks are enjoying your Ferarri getting 4 miles to the gallon with your 2nd mortgage on your house but I’ll be the guy trying to have sex in the back of my micro Euro car because its so fucking practical chicks can’t resist me.