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Barstool Baseball Roundup Featuring Pretty Much Everybody

Charlie Wisconsin is one of my interns. He’s an 18 year old freshman at the University of Wisconsin. He’s originally an east coast guy from Connecticut and he does work for KFC Radio. Edits MailTime every week and he’s churned out a couple podcasts of his own for the network. Anyway, he asked if he could do a Barstool Baseball Roundup with all the different bloggers from every city across the network, and since thats something I am way to lazy to do, I told him to go for it. So its broken into part 1 featuring Feits, JJ and RDT who’s the Orioles blogger on DMV, and then Part 2 featuring me, White Sox Dave, Banks and Smitty.

Charlie did a Hockey Roundup with 610, Rear Ads, and Chief a couple weeks ago  that people seemed to like, so here’s an early season MLB version for all you baseball fans. Maybe we’ll all periodically call in and do them if its something people like.