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The Difference Between The 62nd Overall Pick (WR Andy Isabella) And The 64th Overall Pick (WR D.K. Metcalf) Is Staggering

We will forever wonder how in the wide world of fuck this happened. No offense to Andy Isabella, either. I'm sure he's on his way to becoming a fine and dandy WR in his own right, but how did so many GMs miss on Metcalf????? It was some serious "I'm smarter than the room" groupthink that took over every scout's brain. I mean I get, clearly he's not polished, but goodness gracious he's a monster. A torpedo. He's Derrick Henry lining up out wide, ready to stomp on any 5'10 CB who dares to get in his way. And yet 5'9 Andy Isabella was selected 2 picks before him? Not just that, Metcalf was the 9th WR in the draft, with guys like N'Keal Harry, JJ Arcega-Whiteside, and Parris Campbell (as well as Isabella) all picked in front of him. 

Also worth noting 12 picks later another WR was taken who might be better than all of em', Terry mf'ing McLaurin. 76th! And not just that, 2 MORE WRs were taken between Metcalf and Scary Terry. My heavens!

The NFL Draft is a very imperfect science. It is always nuts to me though when guys drop picks, and rounds, because their 3 cone drill was .2 slower than someone else. Or their 40 time was a bit slower than a scout predicted. Like, I don't know, go watch game tape and time their 40 that way. The technology exists, just use it you bozos. Anquan Boldin ran a 4.71 40 at the combine and then went out in his first game as a rookie and put up 217 yards and set the rookie record for receptions in a season. Doubt anyone cared about his combine scores after that. 

I'm sure there are some combine metrics that matter. Obviously I don't want to discount all of them. But they should supplement what we already know about the player, not be the end all be all. And what's always been funny to me is in a league full of old school football guys who LOVE the "eye test" for veterans, they then turn around and completely disregard the eye test when it comes to prospects. It's bananas. Another WR that comes to mind is Stefon Diggs dropping to the 5th round of the 2015 draft. I don't even want to look at the list of WRs taken before him. I do know the Skins took Jameson Crowder out of Duke before Diggs out of Maryland and I will never forgive them for that. We also took Josh Doctson 22nd overall because, I shit you not, he could jump high. Michael Thomas went 47th. Whoops. But to be fair, he cannot jump quite as high as Doctson.

PS: By the way, I'm rooting for Andy Isabella. Not his fault he's half the size of the guy taken 2 picks after him. And this made me laugh pretty heartily 

PS: Andy Isabella is the perfect name for a Food Network chef. I bet he makes a meannnn gnocchi.