After Scoring 32 On The Knicks, Lou Williams Drops 'Next To The Superstars I'm The GOAT. I'm Your Favorite's Player, Favorite Player'

It's impossible to dislike Lou Williams, that's just a fact. If you don't like him you're just trying to be a contrarian. Here I am as a Knicks fan and he ripped my heart out last night, putting a dagger into a quality Knicks win. You know why it's hard to get upset though? Well, first being the Knicks and losing is what we're used to. But, because Lou Williams is your favorite's player, favorite player. That's impossible to argue with. It just continues to show the legend that is Lou Williams - the new father to Syx, named of course after him being the best 6th Man in the NBA and arguably 2nd best of all time (behind Manu). 

Who could forget him having two girlfriends and calling them 'Brown' and 'Blonde' 

There was the time he was 19-years old, didn't really drink and won $15,000 by chugging a 6-pack on a short bus ride to the airport: 

He gives quality life advice: 

He saves lives: 

What I'm trying to say is Lou Williams might low-key be the best content in the NBA. The man just always delivers and I love how casual he drops the Underground GOAT quote here. Long live Lou Will, I hope he keeps scoring 30 off the bench for the next 30 years so he can play with Syx.