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Alright Lets Talk About That Scene Last Night On Game Of Thrones (Spoilers)

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Well how about a little incest rape on top of a dead child? How about that for some Sunday night entertainment? A brother banging his sister basically on top of their murdered inbred son’s body. Thats Game of Thrones for you. Thats George RR Martin in a nutshell. That fat creepy furry fuck. I swear as soon as his lazy ass wraps up these books he should be throne in prison (see what I did there?) Or at the very least required to register as a sex offender. Because the shit that comes out of his brain is just bizarre.

Now keep in mind this is coming from a dude who’s been crossing his fingers ever week just praying for a Cersei/King Slayer sex scene. So I probably shouldn’t be too judgmental with George RR Martin. Ever since season 1 when she was getting rocked from behind  I wanted some more Lannister incest. And I suppose last night I got it. A little too rapey and necrophil-y for my liking but thats how this Game of Thrones shit works. You’re gonna get sex and gore. Sometimes its good sex – Khaleesi and Drago. Sometimes its good gore – Bronn stabbing that dude and throwing him off that tower in the sky. Sometimes its bad sex – brother sister rape on top of their dead kid. Sometimes its bad gore – Ramsay Snow castrating dudes. You’re really just rolling the dice every week.

PS – Who even know that Joffrey had a fucking brother in the first place? I remember a couple weeks ago when Dinklage and Cersei were talking about Sansa and Cersei was saying how when she had children it made her happy. I started to google the kids she had because I thought she only had Joffrey but I quickly gave up because I always give up on stuff. Well now here we are two weeks later and bam Bizarro Joffrey is in the mix. Its like Goofus and Gallant but for medieval kingdoms and shit. Joffrey chooses to make whores torture each other and Brother Joffrey is all about wisdom and shit. Either way I just had no idea until the sprung that shit on me outta nowhere. Almost as absurd when they just completely switched actors for Khaleesi’s dude Daario. Like old Fresh Prince Aunt Viv switcheroo.