Texas Cop In Hot Water For Kicking, Pushing Students Storming The Field To Celebrate High School Girls State Championship

DallasAfter the dramatic penalty-kick shootout victory by Austin Vandergrift over Trophy Club Byron Nelson in the 4A girls soccer title game Saturday, students from the school jumped down from the stands and ran on to the field to celebrate. Just before they did, the public-address announcer reminded all fans that they were not to go on the field after the match. But seeing all the fans along the rails in front of the stands, I knew they were headed to the field. Sure enough, after the win was secured, kids ran on to the field and celebrated. They were back off the field in less than five minutes. No harm done, right? Not by the students, anyway. But check out the actions of the Georgetown police officer in this videoas the students run on the field. Tripping one, trying to trip another, pushing another. I’m not sure what measures he was told to take if fans came on to the field, but this did not look good.

I’m never a fan of cops on a power trip. For every heroic police officer there’s always one who’s a hardo with a gun and a badge who takes his authority way to serious. So this guy shoving girls and tripping kids at a soccer game is definitely one of my pet peeves.

But you know what? If you’re painting your chest and storming the field for high school girl’s soccer, you kinda deserve to eat shit. If you’re in pink shorts and a visor  jumping out of the stands trying to start a dog pile with a bunch of soccer chicks, then I think you deserve a Cobra Kai Johnny Lawrence Sweep The Leg. Get him a body bag, yeah! So I’d say all these different assholes all just kinda cancels himself out. What happens between assholes at a girls high school soccer game, stays between assholes at a girls high school soccer game