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Thankfully Eagles Don't Need Tailbones To Fly

Tailbone has left the chat, indeed. 

But, pshhh, thankfully Eagles don't even need tailbones to fly, and they'll be soaring over the Seahawks at the Linc this afternoon... 

(Ok... Actually... right after writing that sentence I decided to check 'just in case' and good news - It turns out the bone structure of an Eagle is even more amazing that I realized.) This is from the Real Science Eagles Bone Study Association:

For comparison, here's an official Seahawk bone structure:

They could NEVER survive a table top jump flub, and they won't survive the Eagles. How embarrassing.

Well the game's about to start & I'm here at HQ to watch on Livestream with Smitty, Rone, Fran, etc... 

Follow along and/or get hype with the office's Eagles fans who are *slightly* more knowledgable about the games than I may appear to be... 

If you need more of a pick-me-up this hype video from Delcodelphia should do the trick..